Glenn, Thanks, that picture is very helpful. I think that I could whip up a tray out of mount board or foamcore that would adapt the 5.5" filters to fit. Do you think that there would be a heat problem?

John, I have done split printing with my 23C and, though I worry about blurring my print every single time. With care, I haven't run into a problem yet. I close the door just lightly enough keep the light in and pretend that the thing will explode if it moves a micron.

Classic is about a half hour across the Hudson River for me, but $1200 USD for an old D2???!! I assume that is a rare gold and snakeskin model that was presented to the King of Prussia at his coronation in boxed "collector" condition. I was thinking more in terms of trying to pick one up off of Ebay for about a tenth of that.