The mere thought of shooting Macros of Orchids with a 4x5 view camera sort of boggles my mind. A thing to meditate upon.

Okay......upon further contemplation....I guess if there's gonna be a 2 ft x 3 ft blowup....hell yeah. To me,anything for which the final outcome is no larger than an 8x 10 is probably best done in 35 mm or medium format. The classic Ansel Adams Yosemite shots only really zing when printed big. Otherwise he could have used a 35 mm,got the same result. View camera vs a smaller format is basically a tradeoff. The jumbo negative is a plus,but a view camera always has the limitations of where to put a big tripod and the lens options available. While I have plenty of respect for what can be done with the 4x5 view format,I'd want to note the trade offs