I think that if I am looking for technically accurate detail...say I'm illustrating the disassembly of a carburater,i'd go with a roadtested Macro lens,like the Micro Nikkor or Pentax or the 90 mm from Tamron or Series 1 Vivatar. I tend to lean to bellows when for whatever reason I'm doing macro with a big Tele. Since I tend to use a screw mt. for Macro,auto tubes and a not reversed lens is the handy option-and there's some plus in not having the obstacles between your creative intent and the result. Generally....take a big toolbox to the job when you can.
Explore a bit. There's field trips where carrying 40 lb of gear means you won't get to the place where that great shot is. at other times....having bellows,tubes,5 lenses and a tripod might let you discover the ideal mix.

I figure the most obvious shot-has already been done. If your intent is creative/artsy rather than technical/illustrative...keep that in mind.