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My son has been using the Rokkor 135 f:2.8 (mid 70's vintage) on extension tubes. He has gotten excellent results near 1:1 and lower reproduction ratios. We looked at slides taken with that combo side-by-side with Olympus 90mm macro shots (about 1980 vintage lens) and 100mm f:4 Macro-Elmar shots, and his work looked just fine by comparison. The person shooting the Oly macro wasn't expecting much, he's a professional photographer who's done extensive macro work over the last 20+ years, and was impressed by the Rokkor's performance.

Generally....there's more than one way to bake a cake and there's many many ways to do Macro photography. One of my best macros was a close in of a backlit Dahlia shot on a very grainy Focal 400 slide film and using a 300 mm Sigma that wide open tended toward soft focus. It was in most respects the wrong lens and the wrong film but the combo gave a great result.