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I just bought some Super Prodol Developer in Japan. What developing time and temperature do you use with Presto 400? Thanks!
I use a 2-reel tank for 35mm film developing, and dilute the SPD to 1:1. And I develop at 20 Celsius for 7 min 30 sec, or at 23 Celsius for 6 minutes. I think I'm pushing a bit compared to the recommended chart by Fuji. What I heard is that SPD is actually for normal and pushing process, and it's kind of soft to begin with. So you might have to play with it a bit for your own taste.

And I use the same developer three, four times (up to 6-8 rolls if I use it within a week or two), and for the third or forth time, I usually add extra 30 seconds to the developing time.

When I shoot, I usually set both Neopan and TriX at ASA 400, but I do manage to play with the exposure with the light meter in my camera. And they both give me about equal results.