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Hi folks. This is my first post here, and I've a question about Ilford "Type 11 Professional Developer"... What was this stuff? This is apparently NOT the same as Ilford ID-11... This has Methyl P-Aminophenol Sulfate in the Part A package... Pretty sure that stuff wasn't used in ID-11. I found this Type 11 in the back of an old camera shop, and the price was very right... It's probably quite old, but a powder mix to make "3-5 gallons". Anyone know what this is?

Thanks, Duane
Dunno about Ilford "Type 11 Professional Developer".

Ilford ID-11 was - and is - Ilford's version of Kodak D-76.

As such, ID-11 was and is - a Metol (Methyl P-Aminophenol Sulfate ) Hydroquinone Developer. Google for the current Ilford Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).