I've been struggling with a really annoying problem, seems like its causes should be obvious but I'm at a loss.
Frequently I find scratches on my 35mm negatives, lengthwise, and not too consistent. Sometimes they run a good part of the length of a roll, others only an inch. They are sometimes perfectly straight and sometimes not quite so. They appear before the negatives are placed in their sleeves, though I believe the sleeves may be part of the problem. The scratches are invariably on the non-emulsion side.
I do not touch the film's back when I load the reels, do not load my own cartridges, and do not 'squeegee' my film in any way, just hang to dry without touching it.
I blamed the pressure plate in my camera, and so replaced it. Well, the problem persists so that can't be it, or at least not the whole problem.
I use the following products: Pentax KX and K1000, Ilford films, Print File sleeves, stainless tanks and reels, non hardening fixer.
What am I doing wrong?
And since I now have tons of scratched negatives, how does one go about applying nose oil to scratches, and removing it without making more scratches?