Sorry to be slow on this. Wilderness is a beautiful park and well worth the stay. As was said though, it is a round about way to get their from my place. Although I am not far south of Wilderness, I am on the Sturgeon Bay side and there is no road along the shoreline. I would say it is more of a 30-35 minute drive up there from me. A beautiful drive though, but going back and forth more than once a day might get tiresome.

I like to work along the north shore near there at the entrance to the Straits. Lot of beach, marsh and cedar swamps along the way. I usually take a group up there. From Wilderness you are closer to Mackinaw and the bridge to the UP as well. We could try to coordinate things to meet anyone staying at the park. unfortunately there is really no camping that is any closer. As you know, you are also welcome to camp on the property. Tent camping only however. There are 10 acres and it is all wooded except for the cabin clearing that is the center of the gathering and back in the woods near the house.

This year I also have arrangements to rent a small house right in Cross Village. It has 3 bedrooms and I am figuring on 3 people there for now. The cost will be less than a hotel and is a closer to the property. Details haven't been worked out on that yet, but I will make an announcement through a soon to be mailed newsletter.

More to come...