A disappointing evening in the darkroom upon discovering that the pack of Agfa MCC III 20x16 I had carefully preserved for many, many years turned out to be totally fogged. No idea how that could have happened, although the even overall fogging throughout the whole pack suggests something more than just light was at work.

After drying my eyes and downing a strong cup of tea, I decided to try out a new box of Adox Vario Classic fibre base instead. I like the results, excellent rich blacks, and I wondered has anyone had much experience with this paper recently?

Searching the forum pulls up mainly old posts comparing it to a few long-gone papers, but I'm interested to hear if anyone has done any safelight tests with it? As the guidance is 'red only', I switched safelight filters to a Kodak No.2 in a beehive over the sink and a Kodak 1A ceiling fitting some distance away. All seemed fine for a four minute development time, but I didn't do any thorough testing, hoping that someone may already have done that?

Also, looking at the Adox page about this material, they give variable contrast filtration for Durst enlargers. Would this be the same for a De Vere dichroic head?
Finally, has anyone used it with a Multigrade head and, if so, how does it respond to the Ilford filtration?

Hoping that one of you may have the answers to the above. If not, then I feel a thorough testing work-out may be required next time I return to the dark side.