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I can't be more informative. Wish I had access to original
text in full. I take it that those chemicals help wash paper
in rough proportion to the "effectiveness numbers", but
that said, I'm sticking with sulfite. C
I see the ph was measured at a concentration of 1/250
molar. It would be a generalization to say those ph values
hold at higher or lower concentrations. I'd need to run some
numbers but can say now that M/250 is very little chemistry.
Unrealistically little; less than one gram/liter of any of the
chemicals listed. Hard to believe. Explanation?

And effectiveness? How so; maybe half the water or half
the time? Maybe half the remaining hypo using the
same wash procedure?

All in all, just some more information that leaves us
hanging; RE the discussion concerning hypo testing.
I've more to add to that thread. Dan