I did experiment with Neopan 400 a while back and must say I really really like it. I used Pyrocat-MC for developer, shot the film at EI200, and developed for about 40 minutes with minimal agitation (first minute the whole minute, half way for ten seconds). Great shadow detail, the extreme compensating effect of minimal agitation = no blown highlights. The prints reminded me of those from Tri-X, but with less grain and a bit smoother tonal gradations.
Now I have a boat load of Tri-X in the fridge, I bought a year's worth. So I have to shoot that first. But then I will seriously consider swapping to Neopan. I find Tri-X marginally better, but it's much more expensive. It's a toss-up. I can't really tell much difference between the prints unless I compare them side by side, and that is boring and doesn't do me any good in achieving my goals.

With the problems you say you have, shoot the film at EI200 and hold back your development. How much you can only tell by experimenting. Neopan 400 is an awesome product and you should be able to get equally awesome results with it.

- Thomas