Hi all.

A little backgound on me:
Name: Jason
Age: 30
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Day job: VoIP consultant.
Equip: Dad's Canon AE-1. (Needs a CLA, any recomendations?)

I have been on APUG here for about a month lurking around. I think it is high time I post something.

I have decided to get back into doing some photography and darkroom work. I have put it on hold for while due to kids, money, house, the usual and not so usual suspects. I had my first exposure to making prints in HS yearbook. I really enjoyed it but, did not have the equip to continue.

5 years ago I set up a makeshift darkroom in a place we were renting. I was able to printing, but with the lack of funds and a cobbled together enlarger, it was not much fun. Ok, it was not fun at all.

Now, we are selling the starter house. (I declined to build a darkroom because I know we would not be living here terribly long.) In whatever new house we get, SWMBO has allowed for me to set up darkroom. This pleases me to no end. I am certain that the kids (currently 2 and 4) will be interested in making prints as well. It should be fun.

Odds are, finishing the basement, if not already done, at the same time will be a pre-requisite, but I can handle that. As will be procuring an enlarger and other misc items. eBay, here I come. I'd like to shoot some 6x6 as well, maybe try out a large format. If the kids develop and interest in all this, so much the better. (Anyone have the formula for that one? :P)

Sorry for the book.