I do use Azo. My work flow is quite similar to yours. But thus far my experience with the material has been much more limited then my experience in enlarging. I love the paper, especially in conjunction with Amidol. In my opinion, nothing comes close to an Azo print in terms of tonality and depth.

The consideration that enters for me is that I shot 4X5 for so long that most of my negatives are in that format. While a 4X5 contact can be intimate, it is also sometimes limiting. That is why I have been exploring the option of a light source that will allow enlarging. The other option is to make enlarged negatives and my experience has been limited in that regard.

I just bought a 12X20 camera last week, so everything has changed again. Azo will definitely be the paper that I will use with those negatives.

One more thing. When you think about the weather where you live today, just wanted to inform you that we were at 4 degrees F this morning with about 6 inches of the white stuff on the ground. Good luck and have a wonderful day.


Donald Miller