We have shown our darkrooms, our cameras and our faces, we should also show our studio space.
So, go on, post photos of the indoor space where magic happens and don't shy away with the details, it might be helpful to someone creating their own studio or doing a make over.
Mine, is just the living + dining room of an old apartment building. It measures about 4m square with 3m height for each room and actually its more of one large space divided into two. Unfortunately I can't remove the divider, but the double doors open enough for me to back up with the camera while the model and lighting stays in the other space.
It works well and managed to paint and decorate it in such a way it feels very personal to me and pleases even my visitors.
Oh, the legs. They are to remind me that the world is beautiful.
There is also a hanging print of Corto Maltese in one corner you can't see.

Any other details you would like to know?