4 degrees??? I live in Southern California, where people are depressed because it *might* rain. It's probably 65 right now. WHere are you?

I saw earlier that you got the 12x20. Congratulations! I am envious, and constantly fantasizing about getting either a bigger camera or an 8x20 back from the Wisner.

Also, like you, I have years and years of work on 4x5 or smaller. And I wonder if you have had the same that I am using Azo and contacting, I am looking at 4x5 differently. Now there's 4x5 specifically for enlarging, usually more intricate scenes, and 4x5 for contacting, which are very simple scenes, form more than anything else. Or a face. And, like you, I still use the enlarger for all those older negatives.

As for the Zone VI comp timer with the Azo...that IS a great idea. I would not know how to make it work. I will try to figure it out tonight when I get home.