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....I think that I could whip up a tray out of mount board or foamcore that would adapt the 5.5" filters to fit. Do you think that there would be a heat problem?
...but $1200 USD for an old D2???!!
If you have the DII with the color head, the drawer slides into place in it's own slot just under the bulb. Heat would be a factor only in VERY long exposures--don't use f32. The drawer is about 3/8" deep, so there's plenty of room left over for a sheet of black cardboard to hold your cut-down filters. I paid $450 for my DII with color head--no great bargain, but I am thankful every time I use it. It is a big improvement over the old DII with the variable condenser shelves which I got for $100 15 years ago. On that one I merely peeked inside the condenser cabinet and placed the filters on whatever shelf I wasn't using. I never considered movement, never slammed the door, and never saw blurring.