Hi all,

Hunting for a #10 Cirkut camera.

Anybody know of a working example somewhere that could be purchased?

I've had some successes locally shooting (and selling) panos, and would use it to shoot vintage car and vintage motorcycle groups, as well as some landscapes.

So, any leads? Any suggestions?

And yes, I realize that a hi-res digital camera, a pano head, and a stitching program would in many ways equal the Cirkut. But I like the idea of a Cirkut, and I think that for the audience I'm shooting for (vintage car and bike enthusiasts), the Cirkut would be a draw and a help, and possibly a trip down memory lane.

I'm fairly confident (though I could be wrong) that I have the mechanical ability to run one, and to process the negs and the prints. I already process 4x5 stuff, and contact-print it. And my day job is mechanical design, with a lot of hands-on experience; plus some time spent as a portrait photog.

Thanks in advance, for any leads..!

Doug Grosjean, NW Ohio