I hope the attachments come out OK here - I've attached the documentation for the Fuji-Hunt C41 kit.

Pentaxuser - I'm afraid I can't say whether or not they come in a 1l kit; I have the 5l kit like rulnacco.

What I can say is that I've part-mixed the solutions (i.e. only mixed up 1l instead of 5l of working solution) and then covered the remaining solution with Protectan, and I've not seen any deleterious effects so far! As you can see from the scrawling, given the relative volumes of chemicals you need to mix, I came to the conclusion that mixing less than 1l at a time wasn't really practical.

(Edit: Err, sorry about the page orientations... How odd; as attached they are as they're scanned, but I rotated and resaved the files in Preview on't Mac before I uploaded them. If I reopen them from my desktop they open right way up! I guess Preview must save the rotation as metadata in the file rather than actually rotating them, and APUG's file uploader has stripped that... Bloody digital wotnots...)