Resurecting a 'very' old thread I am intrigued by PE's comment that something important is missing from Dignan's formula. Is it Hydroxylamine Sulphate?

What function does this have in C-41 developer and if one should be so bold as to add it to the Dignan formula, would it go into the 1st or 2nd bath or maybe both?

I am not in the professional business and therefore can accept 'acceptible' results and the idea of a home brew appeals greatly. Amazing what color correction in PS can do to slightly 'off' CN negatives! :-) From the local lab, that is. Haven't done any myself, yet.

Could Ron explain further?

Brisbane, Oz

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This formula was never really suitable for C41 films. It was probably tested with one film over 10 years ago and gave usable results, but it cannot hope to compare with the 'real' developer from Fuji or Kodak.

It lacks one ingredient I can see, right off the bat, and has an ingredient that can harm proper imaging.

I doubt if anyone should use this for valuable pictures.