Panalure comes in 3 grades--hard, medium and soft. I mostly use it in the medium grade, which is good for general use, but it just depends on what the original neg is like. If you have access to a color head, you can use it to dial in filter packs to adjust the tonal separation a bit. With Panalure, if you use cyan filtration, you can add about a half grade more contrast. For certain negs, sometimes I have had to resort to using another enlarger to flash the paper to cut the contrast...the paper is panchromatic, so you can tweak the tones with filters, but it needs to be processed in the dark or with very dim safelights like c-paper. It's gettting kind of hard to find now, but the medium grade is probably the best to start off with, unless the original is super flat or contrasty. Kodak used to have some pretty good tech sheets on using panalure, hope this helps a bit though.