I had stopped shooting at all about three years ago, but an avid photographer friend got me interested in it again. I've picked up a Nikon F100 and 24 - 120 VR lens. I'm currently shooting a few rolls of Fomapan R100, Kodachrome, and Fuji Velvia 50 to see what I like more. I was big into t-max when I shot before (on a Pentax K1000 + 50mm lens), but B&W slide film piqued my interest.

It is nice to find a forum dedicated completely to film. I shall now begin to lurk around, and learn.

Something I'd like to know is if there is a good place to get E-6 processed in Fairfield County, and if there is a place to get some film. The only local film stores around here are essentially Ritz Camera stores, which don't really carry anything.

Thanks to all.