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It is generally accepted, looking back, as "truth" that good ol/ ASA 200 Tri-X "made" black and white 35 mm reportage photography. IIRC, it came out in 35mm in 1954.

John, Mount Vernon, Virginia USA
I was an Aeronautical Research Engineer for NACA at Langley Research Center when that happened. We had a project that required some special photographic recording that our Photo branch couldn't do: not because they didn't know how, but because their 8x10 view cameras`were not right for the job, and someone had to be on call 24-7. It was just about the time when ANSCO SuperHypan came out rated at 250. That was the first film faster than Super XX I ever used. Very soon after, all films doubled in speed because the "safety factor" was dropped in the change from ASA to ISO, and Tri-X came out while we worked weird shifts while breaking up an airplane. The branch head told us it would be a confidential research project, so "don't tell anybody anything they can't read in Aviation Week." We had to read Aviation Week to find out what we were doing. Those were the days!