Some of this was being posted as the Photo Engineering threads in Emulsion Making and Coating. Every time I start it kind of falters due to lack of interest. This is such specialized work that few are interested. So, someday the details will be gone, and just the basic formulas will be around such as I have posted or intend to include in the book. The actual details of the stuff you ask are so "way out there" that only a couple of people are interested.

When I started at EK, they gave us course after course in photochemistry, emulsion chemistry, system engineering and etc. to get to be good design engineers, and to give us a history of all of this stuff. The parts on B&W films were given in discussions with Dick Henn (Inventor of many of the developers and designer of some of the films) and Grant Haist who wrote his great 2 volume book. I've talked to and known Dick, Bill Lee (now both deceaased), Grant and many others who would be far better qualitifed to discuss things here but those still living chose to ignore APUG or merely lurk.

Thanks though.