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This might seem like a silly response, but...

If you want the look of 1970s Tri-X, Paul, perhaps simply cropping new Tri-X slightly will work.

If grain is finer and the image is sharper, slight cropping will reduce sharpness and increase grain. My guess is that gradation has improved along with these improvements, and will be commensurately reduced with cropping. If so, cropping (or alternatively using a slightly smaller format - e.g. half frame) might give you the equivalent of using 1970s film.

I realize that that will change perspective and such as well, but it might be the easiest answer.
I should have mentioned that my thoughts apply only to Formapan 400 in 35mm, the 120 and large format FormaPan seems to be very much differnt, has that blue film base. But for that classic 35mm old TriX Forma Pan 400 in 35 is very inexpensive from Freestyle sold under house brand.