I wasn't saying "don't use a strap". I was saying "avoid the stupid quick-release straps". I keep a Non-QR strap on my camera almost always when I'm out of the studio shooting. I just add a secondary (small/tiny) strap from the main strap to the strap clips so that if it lets go, I'll have a better chance to grab it.

I.E. "Quick releases can be very quick"

On the subject of "grab and go", when I travel, I almost always carry a monopod with me. It works great for shooting and... When I was in Lost Wages (Las Vegas) for a conference, I was staying at the Paris Hotel. About 9:00 (when the strip starts getting lively) I decided that I would walk down towards the MGM, over to NYNY and back. About 1/4 mile from the hotel, I had these two *idiots* who decided they would do the "bump and grab" on me after which one of them noticed that I had a caribiner attaching the strap to my belt (slung my 503 over my shoulder, then clipped the "secondary" cable to my belt). As he gave me a blank stare when the camera got yanked back out of his hand and swung down near my knee, I hit him upside the head with my Bogen monopod (3263QR first) at which time he fell promptly to the ground and his buddy (yeah, some buddy) took off like a bolt of lighting.

He was out cold with a bit of blood oozing from where I had cut him (from ear to mouth) so I was going to go after his buddy. When I looked up, his buddy had tripped over one of those "sidewalk gardens" and was face down in the dirt (uh, sand?).

To make matters worse, this caught the attention of two LV cops who were standing in the parking lot a few feet ahead and who came over to see what happened. They almost busted up laughing when they saw what I had done to these two. They didn't say much to me and proceeded to drag off the two idiots. Betcha they won't try that again anytime soon!

(it was another situation where the "secondary straps" saved my camera)