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...I asked Simon at Ilford and was told they didn't want to consider it for packaging reasons and quality control because of the packaging (correct me if I have this wrong Simon)....
Hello Jamie,

I am pretty sure that I have the #6 Cirkut Outfit from the pictures that I have been looking at on-line. I will dig it out this afternoon - it was -23C this morning. But now for my question: I have a roll of 10 inch film from J&C. I know this, because I came upon the labelled cardboard box, which is now storing some of my emulsion notes. I put the film, still in the original black plastic, in the freezer when it arrived. As I recall, the film did not seem to be wrapped all that well. Do you, or anyone else, know if there is another layer of light-proof material underneath? It just seemed to be folded into the ends of the roll. I would like to know before I open it in the darkroom.

Thank you.