Clarence - I'm almost certain you have a #6 Outfit. I remember Jim advertising one. The #6 Camera is a pretty rare bird. I think only about 100 were ever made. The #6 Outfit is much more common. The #6 Outfit takes 6 1/2" wide film normally. I believe the film spool holder can also be set to take 5" wide film which was used in the #5 camera. So you can split your 10" wide film into two 5" widths, or 6 1/2" and 3 1/2" (maybe usable in a big old folder or Kodak Panoram). It is also possible to make spool adapters to shoot 220 film, so you can learn to use the Cirkut with cheaper film.

I would suggest having Ron make you at least some gears, just so you can get the Cirkut usable. I think the tooth profile needs to be pretty accurate, or you will get banding in the negs from uneven running. You might be able to make a fly cutter bit, but I suspect you really need an involute gear cutter or a hob arrangement to get a smooth running gear. The #6 Outfit usually came with either a double convertible lens, or a Turner-Reich triple convertible lens. So the camera bed should have either two or three focusing scales with gear numbers for different distances. Get two or three gears made for one focal length and you can start using the Outfit. You can have additional gears made later. However, you may not have the original lens. If the focal lengths on the bed focus scales match the focal lengths on the lens aperture scale, it is likely original. You can also have gears made for a modern lens, but that involves finding the nodal point of the lens in order to calculate the number of teeth needed, and making a focusing scale. You can learn to do this, but Ron can do it quicker. Assuming he has time to work on other people's cameras.