Dear Friends,

I want to take my camera - the World's Rattiest Nagaoka - with its Beck Symmetrical lens - to living history events to record the reenactors in somewhat period style, but without the complexities of wet-plate or daguerrotype. I want to adapt a modern material to the 4x5 double dark holders I already have - the negatives do not have to be processed in the field.

So far the only options I have found locally have been Ilford FP4 sheet film or Ilford Multigrade IV paper. The former is too fast for a lenscap shutter and the latter restricts me to contact prints.

Can anyone point me to a transparent sheet film with an ISO low enough to permit hand exposures at f.32 in open shade? Australian sun is pretty fierce but I still want to avoid having to put the lens on a shutter. Many thanks.

Uncle Dick