Arista Lith (ortho) film from Freestyle. Cheapest sheet film there is (50 sheets cut to fit 4X5 holders for 12.99). You can handle it under a red safelight. I shoot it at iso 5 and develop in Rodinal 1:150. You can develop it by inspection (usually around 7 min at 68F) with the red safelight on. Sunny 16 at 1/4 sec is the same as 1 sec. at f32. You should be able to get a pretty reliable 1 sec "by lenscap" with a little practice. Who needs neutral density filters?
I shoot this film in 4X5 in my speed graphics and 2X3 in my Century Graphic. It's great stuff for a slow film. Sharp as a tack and damn near grainless.