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Its a bad idea . Digital cameras, digital video, cameras on cell phones (and many include these days video functionality) are already quite widespread in Iraq. By even conservative estimates there are over 10 million cellular telephone subscribers (and growing).
I accept your opinion that it's a bad idea, but sorry, I don't accept your reasoning :rolleyes:

So what if everybody in Iraq has a cell phone and an internet uplink? I have those things and... I shoot film. I would expect far better average image quality from an hp5+ throwaway or such. And phones and digitals do invite theft.

Using something like instax instant-print cameras might be a nice way to get people to take their shots, see the prints in real time, and write a few words on them. Could be like a massive instant print exchange.

One ethical concern I have is that people might risk life and limb to take their photos. Is it fair for me to pass that risk on to someone else?

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Too late Eric, he's already there.
It's not too late, I can get stuff to him there. I just don't think these things should come entirely from the green zone.