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I accept your opinion that it's a bad idea, but sorry, I don't accept your reasoning :rolleyes:
Reason against cultural arrogance is bitter.

So what if everybody in Iraq has a cell phone and an internet uplink? I have those things and... I shoot film.
I would expect far better average image quality from an hp5+ throwaway or such.
Image quality is not about resolution, gray scales or sharpness. Most of the significant news photographs of the past century were not technically very good and many not even properly processed or handled. Cell phone cameras are a liberation from having to develop film in the rough. Most of the experienced photo journalists--- who know how to deal with film--- are moving away to digital for very good reasons. Even film dinos guys like Nachtwey are shooting more and more digital. Its not about art.

Most of the global news organizations (among them BBC and CNN) have established (global village TV inspired) infrastructures for "ordinary" people to upload their pictures and stories. Its already fully part of the battlefield used by all sides for propaganda and disinformation. Truth is seeing what you want and expect to see?

And phones and digitals do invite theft.
People already have them. Theft of phones is probably more a problem in New York, Chicago or Washington DC then it is in Iraq.