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I've bought a pair of 100 sheet boxes of Ilfochrome, now I need to process it. I've done it before by using the tube and motor base, but that's pretty tedious, so I've been thinking about a CAP40/ICP42 machine. Is this the best machine for the job, or would another be more versatile?

Once I've processed these boxes I doubt I'll ever do any more Ilfochrome, and I wouldn't do RA4 either. I might use it for 8x10 B&W film processing, but probably not for B&W paper, since it would be quicker to process in trays.

Is there a more flexible machine in the Ebay $500 range that the Ilford machines seem to go for, or is it a good buy for my application.
You setup a bit of a conundrum. You ask about a CAP 40 - but then ask whether there is one that is "more versatile" - and then you say you won't do RA4 or B&W paper. That leaves only film processing for the "more versatile" aspect.

You could get one of the Jobo units that could be used for all papers and films with the correct processing tubes. I'm not sure what they go for on Ebay.

But, if you're only going to process 200 sheets of Ilfochrome and don't mind ending up with a machine that will, in all probability, be useless by the end of 2005 - the CAP 40 is the easiest way to process Ilfochrome paper.