Part of the reason why I went back to film -- from being a perfectly sensible digital photographer -- is because I am an ornery freak who doesn't have much time for convention.

The film and paper situation is definitely tough going. I get virtually all of my film from Monochrom.de (who have improbably patient staff and excellent service), shipped to friends or family in Germany, who then curse me for making them cram yet more stuff into their luggage. Paper isn't relevant to me in the absence of an enlarger; if I need decent quality prints I send high quality TIFs to a lab in Walvis Bay, which is ~400 km away, and so definitely an 'as I need it' enterprise.
I process my film in my darkened bathrooom using whatever I can get; I have to say my favourite film/developer combination right now has got to be Rollei Retro/Rodinal.

If you're travelling to Namibia, bring film. If you're shooting b&w any time other than morning or evening, bring a deep yellow or deep red filter at least; the light throughout the day is harsh, rock-hard and overpowering. But overall, it's lovely.

Thanks for the flickr compliments btw!