Welcome! Now that I've passed my highschool photo course and been posting here for 4 days I feel I'm entitled to welcome people :-D

I would agree to stay with one lens. The 35mm should be able to cover pretty much anything. I shot an entire photo trip on a 28mm. Of course I found out it broke around the third day of five and the last two days were overexposed :-/ Have fun!

What path do you plan to take? Are you going to shoot ye old supermarket film and hand it to the dude at the one hour photo store or are you going to go old school black and white and get yourself an enlarger? If you go with plan A have fun and if you go with plan B have more fun.

Does your school have a darkroom/photo teacher? You could start there for some advice.

It really doesn't matter how you get about taking pictures as long as you're taking pictures. The point is not what film or what camera, but merely the end result.

You'll find that analog is more fun than digital. I shoot super 8 movie film and I have to say that is so much more fun than video!