I think digital is too fast. It takes something away, being able to snap off so many pictures without even a thought. It seems to remove some of the value from photography, turning it into some sort of endless avalanche of mostly useless pictures. When the "limiting factors" of film and film cost are removed the value of each picture is reduced and people are more likely to waste it on something not worth a picture.

What is a digital picture? It's merely bits. On and off. 0 and 1. It's nothing but insignificant numbers.

LIES! A 35mm kodachrome slide from the 50s contains more data than all but those exorbitant digital cameras today requiring tethering to computers. 22 megapixels with a good lens. MF has I believe 70, 4x5 has 300. (you have to scan them well, ye old desktop scanner is not gonna pull it off. Think drumscans)

Digital is chugging along. Currently it's best for those email pictures.