We've started keeping all of the hard-to-find Wet Plate and Ambrotype chemistry in stock. A few odds and ends are still on order from various suppliers, but the bulk of it is in stock.

Luckily there has been a looseing of the Hazmat rules and many of these chemicals can be sent in limited quantities without any extra shipping fees.

New Products/Prices:
Collodion 500ml $45.99 (No Hazmat)
Ethyl Ether 500ml $37.99 (No Hazmat)

Our prices are competitive with all of the bigger suppliers out there, plus we've got over 25 years of alt-process experience to help you out!

Obviously there are lots of other chemicals that I didn't name, cadmium bromide, potassium or ammonium iodide, silver nitrate, etc. What kind of quantities are you going to be using? I can't imagine someone needing more than 10-20g of cadmium bromide, so I don't want to start at the 50g level, considering it's fairly expensive stuff.

I wiill be populating the website with more products during the week, if you have any suggestions, please post a message here or PM me.

If you're looking for a particlar product that you don't see listed, please call us toll free 877-817-4320.