... nevermind the silly title reference to a Van Halen song, I have a very serious request to make, maybe the most serious I've had in APUG.

I am looking for a teacher. Or maybe more than one.

I never had an official photographic education save for an intro what-those-buttons-do class in Pittsburgh and I am missing one.
I am missing someone to seriously critique my photography, my technique, teach me new things, help improve my skills and my vision, guide me.
This isn't a debate whether one should learn by him/herself or be guided by someone. I have dozens of books, talked to many photographers, experimented a lot and have a mediocre portfolio to show.
But I know I can go further and I will by myself, but I am missing the human element of a mentor, an instructor, an influence.
I am not afraid of getting boxed in (see that other thread) and losing my personal touch, I have enough of an ego to hold my ground well.

But, I need someone to help me out with my photography.
Is there anyone, or are there people who want to play teacher-student with me for a little bit? I promise to be a good student.