Here's a progress update on the new Process Timer. The big news is that it will be fully compensating for temperature changes using a sensor probe which can be placed in the tank or tray, in a water bath, or stuck to the outside of a developing tank with such as Blu-Tack. The prototype is working well and we're just tweaking the firmware to improve the ergonomics over the original ProcessMaster which by any measure wasn't the easiest device in the world to set up .

Briefly, the spec is as follows:

Stores up to 8 processes, each of up to 9 steps in length
Each step can be 5sec - 2 hours long
Optional temperature compensation over a range of approx 15-40 degrees C at a choice of rates, allowing for almost every combination of film and developer
Optional factorial development facility for prints, increasing dev time as the dev exhausts - choice of factor from 2 - 6
Optional display of percentage or actual time remaining
Timer pause and resume
Pause at the end of each step or auto advance to the next step
Dimmable display
Optional audible beep for agitation and during the last 10 seconds of each step
Extra status indicators

The good news for existing ProcessMaster owners is there will be an upgrade available!

Comments and suggestions on the above spec are welcome - I can't promise any changes will be acted upon but we will consider all of them. In particular, the sensor is currently housed in a stainless steel tube 3mm x 50mm with 1m of cable attached. It fits through the "twizzle stick" of a Paterson dev tank allowing agitation by twisting the stick, or if as I do you prefer inversion agitation, you can fit a suitable cable gland to the tank lid which allows the probe to be placed in the fluid but prevents leakage when the tank is inverted. This should work for other tanks too. See attached pics. It's not too late to change the size of the sensor housing or cable length so if you have any observations please let me know asap!

I expect the ProcessMaster II to be available in approximately two months, at an introductory price of 149 inc VAT (126.81 outside the EU area). I will add it to our web site shortly. You can then place advance orders - we won't take any money off you until it's ready to despatch!