I'd be happy to help in way I can but long distance is difficult. Are there any workshops available that you can attend? Any College or University courses? Any local art centers offering courses? etc....

BTW I think it's wonderful to reach out to others as a part of the learning process. There are many that have helped me along the way. I can say that my workshop experiences have been the most help. Beyond workshops, practice and looking at other's work has been a huge help to me. I always target a workshop that I feel will help with some specifics that I'm trying to learn or areas where I feel I need to improve. I have a few friends that always tell me that my work is wonderful regardless of what it is. Nice people and good friends but not helpful to my learning and improving. You need people that are going to be honest but do remember that opinions are just that. I always consider what others have to say regardless of weather or not I agree with them. Everyone has something to offer and I believe that I can learn from anyone.