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What you need is to find an internet site that offers serious critiques for submitted images. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any that really do. Most places I've visited mainly offer comments of "nice pic" or "nice colors" even for the most flawed of images. You might try Photo.net or Photo.sig... but I haven't been there in well over a year so not too sure how good they are nowadays in critiqueing or suggesting ways to improve images.

Best method would be to find a local mentor, or camera club, that's willing to teach and suggest and critique images honestly.
Tried internet sites, the local camera club is a den of snakes and if I could find a local mentor I wouldn't be asking for help online.

Keith, maybe you are right. I've learned from my two zen teachers (one a drawing teacher at the SMFA, the other an actual zen teacher), than from any other approach and I also consider looking at thousand of photographs to be such a learning.
I can't say I want to learn anything from Donald Rumsfeld though, not the type of man I would consider my teacher. Sorry 'bout that.

How about people reading my thoughts on photography and looking at my photos and telling me two things:
1) Where I am heading to (unconsciously)
2) What my flaws are

Maybe I will help you by saying that life made me shy, even though naturally I am not and every time I walk out with my camera or ask someone to my studio, is a great struggle. But that's more of a personal thing and in the end doesn't affect my actual photography as you can see from my photos. Its just one more thing I have to fight inside of me. I took up photography to help my relationship with people for one thing (not that it has helped).