I suspect this is a situation that many photographers encounter.

The standard online critiques seem of little value, as previous posters point out - lot's of bland positive comments, and if a critiqus is actually made, it is often not very thoughtful.

I have a photographer friend whose work I respect: we often critique each other's work, but I suspect that we aren't totally honest - that's hard to do.

Maybe an online relationship with a mentor is a useful thing - it just impersonal enough that we might tend to be a bit more honest. If there is an APUG member whose work appeals to you, maybe an offline discussion and print critique would be the way to go.

Just quickly checked your website: you have some strong images, and I think you are developing a "style" - many of the images initially look like "classic" types but on closer inspection, are a bit quirky (in a good sense). I'd say you clearly don't need any basic feedback, but like all of us, some constructive critique from a high level photographer or other visual artist.

Good luck with this.