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Tried internet sites, the local camera club is a den of snakes and if I could find a local mentor I wouldn't be asking for help online.
Sounds like the typical Camera Club.

How about people reading my thoughts on photography and looking at my photos and telling me two things:
1) Where I am heading to (unconsciously)
2) What my flaws are
I would rather:

1) Where I am heading to (unconsciously - or ... semi-consciously..)
2) What my good points are, especially those I am not aware of at the moment. Where my most productive "path" might be ... although that information might be - and probably Is - of minor importance, considering the fact that only I have the necessary information to make that decision. My faults? Many. I don't think I have to be reminded of them, or have that knowledge reinforced.

I wish to concentrate and accelerate down the successful path - not spend my time agonizing over mistakes and flaws.

Maybe I will help you by saying that life made me shy, even though naturally I am not and every time I walk out with my camera or ask someone to my studio, is a great struggle. But that's more of a personal thing and in the end doesn't affect my actual photography as you can see from my photos. Its just one more thing I have to fight inside of me. I took up photography to help my relationship with people for one thing (not that it has helped).
That sounds like a monumental struggle - against a most formidable opponent - yourself. I've been there - and all I can say is thaat now I try to place my energies where they are the most productive. Flaw correction? Over time, very little "correction" has proved to be possible, and most corrections have not been necessary.

We cannot be perfect - so we'll have to settle for "unique". If not AS good, very close to it.