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Keith, maybe you are right. I've learned from my two zen teachers (one a drawing teacher at the SMFA, the other an actual zen teacher), than from any other approach and I also consider looking at thousand of photographs to be such a learning.
I can't say I want to learn anything from Donald Rumsfeld though, not the type of man I would consider my teacher. Sorry 'bout that.
Don't be sorry, I wouldn't hold up Rumsfeld as an authority on deep thought, I merely found the arrangement of his words amusing in an ironic way No political or military endorsement from me is implied :rolleyes:

Okay, let me offer some more pertinent words from Minor White instead....

No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen. - Minor White

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How about people reading my thoughts on photography and looking at my photos and telling me two things:
1) Where I am heading to (unconsciously)
2) What my flaws are
Sounds like a plan. But again, these are questions that you will ultimately answer for yourself.

I realize that the classical academic approach is first to make sure that the student)has all the tools that are needed for full creative expression. Unfortunately this process sometimes swallows people whole, and becomes an indoctrination, to the extent that the means fully supplant the end. At a cursory glance, I'd guess that you are well beyond the technical stage and now are thinking more deeply about why you want to create particular compositions, and how on a higher level, not how on the technical level.