Now that Jobo processors are no longer available I've seen much more interest in out BTZS Film Tubes. The 4x5 Film Tube Kit we always have available and since it's produced from a mold the production cost is low.

The larger size tubes were a different story. Since they were machined one at a time on a CNC lathe the price kept rising every time I went back to the machine shop. Eventually I stopped making them and started the hunt for a cheaper alternative.

I'm pleased to say that with the help of one of my customers I've found a ready made solution that works perfectly for 8x10 sheet film and that I'm able to sell for $29.95 for one 8x10 tube and two caps.

I've created a video on YouTube so you can see exactly how to use the tubes. Easiest way to find the video is just to search for BTZS on the YouTube home page.


Fred Newman