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...I rarely have to say anything beyond the photograph itself.
But you are already saying some thing(s) with your photographs. Even if you attempt to be a passive, purely observational photographer. Right?

Let me try to be more concrete.

In your photographs Venice I and II, I see a thematic emphasis on an architectural bow(?) structure that to me quite strongly evokes the Viking ships, and that adventurous spirit. Those bows present a scythe-like fierceness/bravery to the sea, which even now in Venice is sometimes a thing to be feared.

We could ask what other 'takes" on those boats you could have done. You could have explored the relationship of people to the boats; you could have focused on the passengers or the oarsman/punter(?); you could have focused on the waterways or the waves or..... But instead you focused on this rather architectural detail on the bow. By targeting that aspect in your composition, you do say something about what you felt important in the scene.

Two lovely and evocative photographs, I'd say. You are saying something with them. Do you recognize what it is?