Dear Ed,

if you let either me or freestyle know what you want we will try to offer it through freestyle.
They just started carrying the films but the parcel is still in transit.
They also plan to carry APH09 because over here changes took place at the factory where Rodinal is made. The production is stopped and only one company will get the license to sell Rodinal under the Rodinal name from now on. So you can imagine what this will do to prices. We are working on a new and improoved version of APH09, probably be released under the name "ADONAL" soon. This developer will have the same strength and developing times as Rodinal by company XY.
As for now we have a few thousand units of the very competitively priced old stock APH09 and all we need is a minimum demand of 200 bottles to organize a sea pallett of goods (it canīt go air) to the US.
Freestyle will for sure be wlling to stock some of this quantity if they feel that there is demand for this product.

Best regards,