Sandy , Jorge

to answer the tissue issue I would be mistaken in trying, though you mentioned a gentleman's name. Todd , he is a good friend of Johns and they have shown prints together here in Toronto. Todd would be a good source.

John Bently , lives and works in Toronto, when he can , John loads up a bus, now a truck with his 8x10 camera and transparancey stock, as well he carrys with him a Jobo processor whith chemicals, Sometimes a unfortunate fool trys to travel with him and inevitably curses his luck but still loves the time with John. Loading film shooting a large format camera with the skill of a craftsman using a leica, he roams Mexico and has recorded some of the most visually appealing colour images I have seen.
After a days work he will wait till dark, unload , and process the film in the Bus using the Jobo.

Jorge, the next time he leaves the city I will post, and if you would like I will ask him to drop by your neck of the woods, as he always travels with sample prints.
If there was ever a person who could be described as a hard core photo devote , John would be my nomination.
In fact John is the reason I got into Photography, in the late 60"s I was a chokerman on the BC ISland coast, John was my rigging slinger. Spending a period of time with John convinced me that if such a nice person was so interested in Photography then maybe I should give it a try. 30something years later I have John to thank for getting into such a wonderful and rewarding profession