I will be in contact with the factory in Switzerland , over the next few months and I will post what they tell me, I do remember the demise of black and white when colour came on the scene, as well I remember the panic when ink jets came on the scene, As well those poor fellows doing hand pull gravures should watch out.

Two years ago this post would make me worry as cibachrome was definately in trouble. But my reality is that I have to buy rolls of ciba and boxes of ciba off the ship transporting the product .
The digital shops using this product and in some small way our shop here in Toronto has increased the demand for cibachrome.
Five years ago the buzz was that wet processes were going to go the way of the dodo bird, well in fact , Colenta,Colex and others are commiting to orders for wet processors.

Ilford may indeed make this decision, but until they do I would say keep printing and when the stop making the product convert your processor to RA4 or whatever chemical process you like.

In the Fastball world we always would say " Never Panic"