hey Jim, I posted to this thread but it got lost in the web somewhere.

Tho I have not an 11x14 (but the lust is there!) I have given it some thought. I like the idea of an old Janssport pack frame (they have that nice shelf on the bottom), then build a box out of 1/8" plywood that the camera can fit in. Strap the box onto the pack frame. In use, I'd lay the pack down and have a hinged lid that opens up like a front-loading pack.

I would make the box deep enough for the camera and padding to go in first, then a padded bag for the holders that would be placed on top of the of the camera. If the box was tall enough, lenses and etc would go on "top" of the camera (when the pack was standing up.)

Make the box easy to strap on and off the frame and the box could be moved to a baby jogger, wheeled dolly, to the car, etc.