Hi Warren,


That was actually the first one I checked on, thanks to its proximity to me (about 70 miles from my work). Price was a little on the high end - but I emailed Igor that I was shopping and interested, asking if I could come and look at it, see it run. I didn't say so, but perhaps an extremely nice unit would be worth what he was asking. No response; so I moved on.

It now looks like I've found a Cirkut. The owner has tentatively agreed to sell to me, is currently checking with his friends to make sure his price is fair to both parties. I've told him to take his time doing so, and to be sure. We're also figuring out other minor details, ie, a date to pick it up. That's all I will say for now, so that I don't endanger the transaction in any way.

I'm so excited about it I can barely contain myself. The seller, and several people behind the scenes here, have done me a very big favor by advising me and pointing me in the right directions in my quest for a Cirkut. I'm humbled and grateful.

More details at some point in the future. It's like a fairy tale come true for me...